SUDAN WATCH: N. Darfur: Armed SLA-Minnawi soldiers at Tawilla market causes panic among traders

Monday, August 21, 2006

N. Darfur: Armed SLA-Minnawi soldiers at Tawilla market causes panic among traders

Glad to see support for the African Union Mission in Darfur (AMIS) mentioned in this excerpt from UN Country Team in Sudan report 20 Aug 2006 re security situation in North Darfur:
Representatives from Amburunga community expressed support to AMIS operations in the area, asking it to continue its usual confidence building patrol in the area.

The presence of armed SLM/MM soldiers at Tawilla market was also reported. People appealed to AMIS to help stop this menace which is causing panic amongst the traders from the area.
I wonder whose side the traders are on and what they have been told. Note, since the signing of the Darfur Peace Agreement, Minni Minnawi's SLA rebels are being seen as part of Sudanese government forces and are now referred to as soldiers or former rebels.

AU soldier on patrol in North Darfur, W Sudan

Photo: An African Union peacekeeper patrols Shok Shok village after an attack by a rebel faction in Sudan's northern Darfur province, May 14, 2006. (Reuters/Candace Feit)

May 18 2006 Sudan Watch: After peace, Darfur's rebel forces turn on each other and fight for Tawilla, North Darfur making it one of the most insecure regions of Darfur.


Jun 12 2006 Sudan Watch: RARE INTERVIEW: Sheik Musa Hilal, leader of Um Jalul tribe in his hometown of Mistariha, Darfur (Lydia Polgreen)

Oct 21 2004 NYT Somini Sengupta: Rare glimpse inside Militia's base in Sudan - On the dry grass rests a satellite dish. Nearby is a sparkling mosque. Inside a freshly painted green building is a parlor outfitted with rare amenities - overstuffed vinyl sofas and ceiling fans that gently purr, with the aid of a generator. Men in fresh fatigues loll nearby. The uniforms are like those worn by the Sudanese military, with one important exception: they bear no insignias, no name tags.


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