SUDAN WATCH: NRF/JEM's 'peace lover' Ibrahim in Paris calls for a large front, says Sudan unity best choice

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

NRF/JEM's 'peace lover' Ibrahim in Paris calls for a large front, says Sudan unity best choice

Khalil Ibrahim, leader of JEM rebel group opposed to the Darfur Peace Agreement called upon Sudanese political forces to form a large front for the marginalised region in the country, affirming that the safeguard of the Sudanese unity still best option, Sudan Tribune reported 21 Aug 2006. Excerpt:
Ibrahim, invited all the political forces form the different Sudanese regions to constitute a large front to defeat the ruling National Congress Party in the future elections.

Khalil, who was speaking Sunday in a political meeting with Sudanese community in Paris, said all the political regional forces have to unify their efforts to break the domination of northern forces represented today by the National Congress Party. He added that marginalized northern Sudanese have also to join us.

He further said the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) should join us with the Eastern Sudan Front, the Nouba Mountains and any marginalized people in the country. He underscored that the objective of this front is to realize a just repartition of wealth and to assure political representation of all regions in the central government.

The JEM leader insisted that the unity of the Sudan is the best solution for the benefit of all the Sudanese. He added that some southern Sudanese think they have oil and they can choose the independence. "Actually oil is everywhere in the Sudan, and all of us have great benefit to establish a big internal market, because great states are countries that have big internal market. So, we have no interest to establish a small state".

Last June during a visit to Slovenia, the JEM leader said "Now as the next step that means that we will ask for self-determination - we're going to have our own country".

In Paris, Khalil told the young Darurians refugees that Darfur people have no interest to plaid for such orientation.


On the political situation in Darfur, Khalil said "we peace lovers" and we want to negotiate peaceful settlement with the Sudanese government. Now three months after the signing of the peace deal, international community understands better why we are opposed to the DPA.

The JEM leader said that the demand of one Darfur region and the fair compensations for the refugees and IDPs are the main points in the regional level.

He said that JEM and its allies in the NRF are now the first military force and the Sudanese army can't defeat them militarily.

He announced that the first NRF conference will be held in Darfur at the end of the current month to adopt the structures of the movement.

On 30 June, the Sudan Liberation Movement of Khamis Abdalla Abakr; Justice & Equality Movement of Khalil Ibrahim and the Sudan Federal Democratic Alliance of Ahmed Ibrahim Diraig and Sharif Harir founded from Asmara the NRF. Since, most of Minni Minawi troops rejoined the newly formed group.


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