SUDAN WATCH: Seeing the light - US stance towards Darfur

Monday, August 21, 2006

Seeing the light - US stance towards Darfur

Here is a story from Jim Moore.
Moral justifications are not a substitute for wisdom, compassion, pragmatism and competence.

I am reminded of the story of the captain of a powerful naval ship who, seeing the light of another boat in the fog, commanded that the other vessel give way.

Back across the radio came the reply, "We can't, you must give way."

The captain spoke forcefully into his microphone "I am the captain of a United States Navy vessel, I command you to give way!"

Again the reply, quieter this time, suggesting that the captain's ship give way, and recommending a heading that he steer toward.

The captain, by now enraged, shouted into the radio "This ship is a fully-armed destroyer, give way or be rammed! What is your vessel?"

The answer came quickly: "We are a lighthouse."

Posted by James Moore on 8/21/06
Thanks Jim. The US captain's stance reminds me of the US stance towards Darfur!


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