SUDAN WATCH: Sudan says US-UK draft UN resolution is misleading

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sudan says US-UK draft UN resolution is misleading

Sudanese Justice Minister Mohamed Ali al Mardhi warned that the government would not protect international forces against attacks from the Sudanese people and individuals from neighboring countries, AP/ST reported today.
The "draft resolution that will be presented to the UN Security Council is full of wicked and misleading elements," al Mardhi told reporters.

Al Mardhi said the resolution ignores the Sudanese government.

It "discusses the issue of deploying international forces as if there is no government in the country," he said.
Note, the report also points out the UK's UN ambassador has stressed that no UN force will deploy in Darfur without the consent of the government, but the US' deputy ambassador has said the Sudanese government's consent is not really required by the resolution. I say, going by news reports on such issues over the past year, the US is wrong to make such statements. Yee Haw!


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