SUDAN WATCH: Sudanese minister advises to not read internet news

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sudanese minister advises to not read internet news

I quite understand why a Sudanese minister would advise southern Sudanese in Nairobi not to get information about Sudan from the internet. The regional minister said these news are disseminated by enemies of peace, SRS/ST reported today:
"Education minister for Central Equatoria state, Dr Lokulenge Lole, says most information published is opinion and lacks objectivity, the Sudan Radio Service (SRS) reported.

The minister told southern Sudanese students at a Nairobi hotel last week that most information about Sudan on the internet is aimed at attacking individual personalities and the government.

"When you read the internet these days and you read the attacks on government, on individual politicians in southern Sudan I feel very sorry. Sorry in the sense that somebody sits on his computer in New York doing nothing, he has not even seen southern Sudan and he becomes an expert of analysis of the situation in southern Sudan", the minister explained.

Dr Lokulenge said that people he considers "the enemies of peace" are using all possible avenues to derail the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

He said the President of the Government of Southern Sudan, Salva Kiir, has on many occasions been attacked on the internet over alleged corruption "without any basis or proof." He warned all southern Sudanese not to succumb to-what he called-"wild allegations" made on the internet "unless they want to remain permanent slaves."
Welcome to the world Sudan! The Internet can work for the benefit of good and bad. Key is to enlighten readers and voters without resorting to propaganda.


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