SUDAN WATCH: Sudan's Darfur: SLM-Baasi announces All SLM/A Conference

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sudan's Darfur: SLM-Baasi announces All SLM/A Conference

On 18 August, SLM Field Commander Ahmed Abdel Shafi issued a press statement announcing plans for an all SLM/A Conference within 45 days, and reiterating his group's respect for previous ceasefire obligations. [Source: UN Country Team in Sudan 20 Aug 2006]

Note, upon impeachment of SLMA president Abdelwahid Mohamed Ahmed al-Nur July 28, 2006, SLM/A Commander Ahmed Abdel Shafi Yagoub Baasi was appointed president of the movement and commander in chief of the army. See Aug 1 2006 Sudan Watch: Darfur commanders impeach President of SLM/A Abdel Wahid Mohamed Ahmed Nur

P.S. Sorry I've not yet had time to complete up to date list of Darfur rebels. Until I do, I'm not sure what to call Baasi's rebel group, so meanwhile - until I find its formal name - I've dubbed it SLM-Baasi.


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