SUDAN WATCH: UN condemns killing of AU peacekeepers in N Darfur

Monday, August 21, 2006

UN condemns killing of AU peacekeepers in N Darfur

Only moronic barbarians kill peacekeepers. This IRIN report excerpt tells us petrol was more important to the killers than the life of a peacekeeper.
UNMIS has condemned the killing of two AU peacekeepers in Darfur, calling it a serious violation of international law, IRIN/ Reuters reported 21 Aug 2006 - excerpt:

A fuel convoy of the AU Mission in Sudan (AMIS) travelling from El Nahud to El Fasher in North Darfur State was ambushed in the Kuma area by an unidentified group of armed men on Saturday. Two Rwandan soldiers were killed in the attack, while three were wounded.

"UNMIS calls on all parties to the Darfur conflict to respect the neutral and impartial status of AMIS," the UN mission said in a statement on Sunday. Any attack against AU personnel deployed in Darfur constituted a breach of existing ceasefire agreements and contravened the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council, it added.

The AU called the attack "unprovoked" and "outrageous". It said it would hold the leaders of those groups found responsible personally accountable.
Let's hope the AU will make the leaders personally accountable. Who were the killers, Sudanese militia or SLM/A rebels? More on this later, if I find out.


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