SUDAN WATCH: US says UN peacekeepers must be in Darfur by Oct 1

Friday, August 11, 2006

US says UN peacekeepers must be in Darfur by Oct 1

Quotes from AP report 10 Aug 2006 via ST:
[State Department spokesman Sean] McCormack said the US said, however, the [AU] peacekeepers have tried hard, but "the situation has evolved and become much more complex and difficult."

"Consequently, a United Nations peacekeeping force must deploy without delay. Only a large, robust, mobile, and fast-reacting UN force is capable of stopping the violence and protecting innocent lives".

"The African Union has consistently called for transition ... to a U.N. operation without delay. Such a transition should take place by October 1."

"The United States is firmly committed to peace in Sudan," McCormack said. He said the peace agreement "provides the best opportunity for lasting security, peace, reconciliation and reconstruction in Darfur. It accommodates the reasonable political, economic and security goals of the people of Darfur."


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