SUDAN WATCH: Wear a blue (or green!) hat on September 17th

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wear a blue (or green!) hat on September 17th

Following on from previous Sudan Watch entry - Activists' Global Day for Darfur campaign Sep 17 calls for world leaders to push for UN force in Darfur - here is a copy of a blog entry by Abbas at 3quarksdaily.
Wear a blue hat on September 17th

Despite the signing of a Darfur peace agreement on 5 May 2006, the violence in western Sudan has not stopped; in fact, in some parts of Darfur, the violence has grown worse.

People are still being killed and raped and displaced - every single day.

On September 17 people around the world will take part in the Global Day for Darfur to show world-wide support for the Darfuri people and to put pressure on our Governments to protect the civilians.

We hope that you will be able to join us on the Global Day for Darfur.

More here. [Thanks to Veronica V. Mittnacht.]

And more info available here.
Hey, those in favour of African Union peacekeepers ought to wear green AU hats in protest of the misguided activists wearing blue UN hats!



Aug 22 2006 Pinko Feminist Hellcat: Global Day for Darfur
On May 5, a peace agreement was signed in the hopes that it would stop the bloodshed in Sudan. This has not happened yet.

September 17 is the Global Day for Darfur. The day will feature candle light vigils, rallies, exhibitions, and performances.

Go to the site and sign the petition to strenghten efforts to keep the peace and stop the genocide.


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