Monday, April 18, 2005

African Union team due in Khartoum to discuss Darfur talk

An African Union delegation will arrive in Khartoum next week to discuss arrangements for resuming peace negotiations between Sudan's government and Darfur rebels, a Sudanese official said Sunday.

"The government upholds its position on the need for dialogue and negotiation as a means for addressing the Darfur question," Agriculture Minister and chief negotiator Majzoub al-Khalifa Ahmed told reporters.

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Violence continues to affect aid operations in Darfur - agencies

April 18 Reuters - Red Cross says attacks on aid convoys in Darfur are on the increase, stopping urgently needed food from getting through.

April 18 IRIN - WFP says violence continues to affect aid operations in Darfur. The Danish Refugee Council reported that a local staff member was shot and killed while off duty on Friday evening in Golo, in Jebel Marra region, W. Darfur.

[Still no news of the 12 UN WFP trucks stolen April 6. Another, with a contractor driver, is still missing. News reports last year said Sudan's bandits are too proud to ask for or accept charity hand-outs. They support themselves and their families by stealing.]

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