Sunday, April 03, 2005

Eastern Sudan rebels prepare for war with show of force

Rebels from Eastern Sudan

Supporters of rebels from Sudan's Eastern Front parade during a conference held by the Front north of Kassala town, near the Eritrean border on Friday April 1, 2005. The rebels denounced marginalisation of their region by Khartoum and say they are ready to resume fighting. Full Story: Sudan's next hotspot.

As mentioned in a recent post here, this is the group that last week admitted their objective is to overthrow the regime in Khartoum. The authors of The Black Book describe themselves as "Seekers of Truth and Justice". No doubt they see themselves as freedom fighters who believe the West is on their side, no matter what the cost in terms of suffering and lives lost. The only solution for the regime in Khartoum and other warring parties is to cease violence and work out a political solution.

Having written several posts over the past year on oil and Darfur, I am pleased to have found another article mentioning that oil has been found in the region. See next post here above.

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