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Sudan: Libyan leader Gadhafi receives John Garang's delegation

Copy of report via Sudan Tribune - TRIPOLI, Libya, Apr 2, 2005 (PANA):

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi on Saturday received in Tripoli a high-level delegation of the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) which handed him a message from John Garang, the organisation's leader, Libyan officials said here.

Led by James Wani Igga, the movement's vice-chairman and secretary- general, the delegation includes Nhial Deng Nhial, secretary in charge of foreign relations, and Yasser Arman, the SPLM's official spokesman, the officials added.

During the audience attended by Said Hefyana, Libyan vice- minister in charge of foreign affairs and international cooperation, the SPLM number two handed to Colonel Kadhafi a message from Garang.

In his message, Garang said that he was pleased about the quality of "historical relations" between his movement and the 1 September Libyan Revolution, and Tripoli's "support and backing" of the Sudanese people as a whole in order to achieve justice, peace and stability within a single nation made up of all Sudanese."

The SPLM leader also expresses his desire to visit the Libyan Jamahirya to meet Colonel Muammar Gadhafi and work with him in order to complete global reconciliation, peace, security and stability in Sudan.

The SPLM chairman talked with the Libyan leader on the phone on Friday, namely to brief him on the follow-up of the measures intended for the implementation of the global peace agreement signed between his movement and the Sudanese government.

Garang also laid emphasis during that discussion on the importance of the Libyan leader to continue his efforts in order to preserve Sudan's stability and unity for peace to be definitely established in the country.
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Former southern rebels in Khartoum for peace implementation talks

Note this report reveals SPLM arrived in Khartoum on a Libyan aircraft:

A large delegation of former south Sudanese rebels arrived in Khartoum Sunday for talks with the government on implementing the peace accord. SPLM spokesman said the delegation arrived in the Sudanese capital on a Libyan aircraft and was headed by the group's secretary general, James Wani.

The 106-strong delegation will have talks with officials of the government and (ruling) National Congress on preparations for implementing the peace agreement, including drafting a transitional constitution. The talks, the most comprehensive since the January 9 peace agreement, will also include members of the National Democratic Alliance, an opposition umbrella group now mainly confined to northern political parties.

As the rebel group SPLM/A transforms itself into a political party, it has established several offices in the capital as well as the provinces. Full Story at Sudan Tribune April 3, 2005.

Taha and Garang

Photo: Taha and Garang after the signature of thr Agreement on Security Arrangements, September 26, 2003.
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Libyan leader comments on Security Council's resolution on Darfur

Today, April 3, a Libyan news report says:

The Leader of the Revolution has made a statement to Jana News on Security Council's resolution which prosecute Sudanese war crimes suspects before the International Criminal Court.

"I found my self obliged to comment on the so-called Security Council which always proves that it's against the security of other non-founding states (It's resolution on Darfur), with confirmation that the so-called international courts are not legitimate." The Leader says.

"What is important here is that this council is not specialized in intervening in the internal affairs of the countries, so what do you think of intervening in the executive and legislative bodies of any country, the Leader wonders.

The Leader said that that sovereignty of Sudan is the only one in its land, and that Sudanese laws are the only ones that are applied on that Sudanese people, and that Sudanese courts are the only ones that are specialized in trying those who are in Sudan.

He emphasizes that the so-called Security Council is not specialized in Darfur problem, and its resolution is ineffective according to UN treaty and the 6th and 7th chapters. He said that the resolution will inflame the conflict in Darfur and will not help to calm it.

"This resolution is of no benefit to the parties of conflict in Darfur. It's just an insult to all Sudanese, and it's a flagrant intervention in the independence of Sudan and no one should think that the resolution is against his rival because it will hurt all parties." The Leader says.

"And thus, in every step we take towards a peaceful solution, the foreign intervention plant a bomb to halt all peaceful initiatives, and it seems it's an intended act to realize some things of no business to Darfur." The Leader added.
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Libya differs with Kofi Annan over Darfur

Here is a copy of a report via Sudan Tribune - TRIPOLI, Libya, dated March 10, 2005 (PANA):

Libya bitterly criticised UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Wednesday for suggesting that an international force be sent to Darfur, where the situation is horrible and dangerous.

"Through his statement, Annan gives the expression of trying to undermine the African efforts intended to settle the Darfur crisis," the Libyan Foreign Affairs Committee said in a statement.

"They are also prejudicial to efforts by Nigerian President and AU current Chair Olusegun Obasanjo, and those of Moammar Kadhafi who were entrusted with the issue by the five African-country (Nigeria, Egypt, Chad, Libya and Sudan) summit and the African Union Commission," the statement observed.

The Libyan Foreign Committee says that Annan's comments are "a breach to Abuja meetings on Darfur and efforts, which are being made to hold the second session of the five African-country summit on that province in southern Sudan".

It accuses Annan of attempting to "block the African efforts aimed to settle the crisis."
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Sudan wants Libya's help

Back in August of last year, the Sudanese President asked the Libyan leader Colonel Gadhafi to help settle the escalating crisis in Darfur, and assist in repatriation of refugees. Here below is a copy of a report and photo published at Middle East Online August 17, 2004:

Libyan leader Colonel Kadhafi and Sudanese President Beshir

TRIPOLI - Sudan asked Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi Tuesday to "intervene personally" in the escalating crisis in Darfur, Libya's official JANA news agency reported.

Sudanese Foreign Minister Mustafa Osman Ismail delivered the request from President Omar al-Beshir at a meeting with Kadhafi in the central town of Sirte, the news agency said.

"President Beshir is pleased with Colonel Kadhafi's opposition to foreign intervention in Darfur and asks him to help settle the crisis in the region and assist in the repatriation of refugees," JANA quoted Ismail as saying.

African Union-sponsored peace talks between the Sudanese government and the Darfur rebels are supposed to be taking place in Nigeria next Monday.

But last week, Libya hosted informal talks in Sirte which brought together Khartoum and the two Darfur rebel movements as well as representatives of the African Union and neighbouring Chad, which hosts the lion's share of Darfur refugees.

At the time, a Chadian source expressed concern Libya might be trying to seize a bigger role in the peace process.

"We are afraid it will be taken over by Kadhafi at the expense of the African Union," the diplomat said.

Libyan has strongly opposed foreign intervention in Darfur warning last week that it could spark another Iraq-style conflict.

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