Thursday, April 21, 2005

Eritrean president says "war is imminent"

Eriteria is on the war path with Ethiopia. A BBC news report published at Sudan Tribune today April 21 says Sudan accuses Eriterea of wanting to create an opposition party to overthrow the Government of Sudan. Excerpt:

"All able-bodied residents of Senafe southern Eritrea have been instructed to dig trenches and, according to our source, with the message of "war is inevitable" being carried at the regional levels throughout the nation, a sense of foreboding has engulfed Eritrea.

Relations between Eritrea and Sudan are tense with the two governments frequently accusing each other of supporting opposition movements on the other's soil.

The border between the two countries has been officially closed since October 2002, when Khartoum accused Asmara of supporting an offensive led by Sudanese rebels near Kassala, in eastern Sudan.
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Ethiopia-Eritrea: UN investigates clashes on border

A report today from ReliefWeb April 21 says UN is investigating clashes on the border.
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Panel of army, party chiefs urges Eritreans to be ready for "any eventualities"

April 18 report from Eritrea via (ERINA) says a panel of army, party chiefs urged Eritreans to be read for any eventuality, fight against the enemy's psychological warfare, avoid dependence on aid and achieve food security.
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Eritrea determined to form new opposition front

April 18 Khartoum news report via Sudan Tribune claims the secretary-general of the ruling Nationa Congress (NC) Ibrahim Ahmad Omar has accused the Eritrean government of striving to create an opposition alliance to replace the Sudanese government and obstruct current efforts for reaching an agreement between the government and the opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by Mohamed Osman Al-Mirghani and currently based in Cairo.

He said that the Eritrean regime and Israel had begun to establish military training camps for the rebels and were harbouring leaders of the said alternative alliance, the Sudanese Al-Khartoum newspaper reported.
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Eritrean president holds talks with Sudanese opposition chairman

April 15 news report from Asmara, Eritrea (ERINA) confirms President Isaias Afwerki on April 14 held talks with Maulana Mohamed Osman Al-Mirghani, Chairman of the Sudanese National Democratic Alliance (NDA) on the objective situation in Sudan.

In the meeting, the President reiterated that Eritrea would continue its efforts for promoting a comprehensive political solution to the Sudanese problem.

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