Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sudanese students offers reward for head of UN envoy

What is the matter with these people? Perhaps the extract below [see Darfur: The dangerous game of Sudan's ruling party] related to the following article, gives some clues.

March 7, 2006 article from Khartoum at Sudan Tribune says in a new development of the continual mobilization against the UN takeover in Darfur, a pro-ruling party student organization said it would reward Pronk's head. Excerpt:
According to AL-Watan daily newspaper, president of the General Union of Sudanese Students Mohamed Abdallah Sheikh Idriss has announced a 100,000 US dollars' reward for the head of the UN representative to Sudan, Jan Pronk.

About 200 Sudanese students demonstrated on Tuesday urging the United Nations to leave their country and calling it a colonial force, days ahead of a decision to deploy U.N. troops to the violent Darfur region.

"This is our message to you Jan Pronk: Get out of our country, leave immediately," Sheikh Idriss, told the chanting crowd. Pronk is the top UN envoy in Sudan.

Sheikh Idriss warned that all the students of Darfur stood against any foreign intervention pointing out that in the universities of Khartoum alone there were more than 9,000 students, who were all time bombs ready to go off in the face of tyranny.
Khartoum demo

Photo: There is growing anger about the possible deployment of UN forces (BBC) - see today's news of protests over Darfur peacekeepers.
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Darfur: The dangerous game of Sudan's ruling party

Excerpt from a related comment at Sudan Tribune dated March 6, 2006:
"The danger today is not international intervention but the very dangerous game played by the National Salvation Revolution leaders and their ruling National Congress Party (NCP) with the international community, which may lead to their own defeat and the country's destruction.

The scenario of this dangerous game began with voices rising from influential sides in the government warning that the transfer of the Darfur mission meant that Al-Qaidah would be involved and that the organization's members would infiltrate the region from nine fronts. This was followed by the inauguration of the so-called Darfur Jihad Organization, an armed group set up to resist intervention by foreign troops in coordination with, as its founding statement said, "all the Jihadist organizations on the Islamic arena".

Another organization, the Exterminator of Evil Forces was also created. The Sudanese Media Center (SMC), which is closely linked to the government, said to have received a statement from the group, in which the organization denied having links with Al-Qaidah. The Salvation government has created a conducive environment for the formation of such organization by calling for mobilization and jihad against the UN troops and announcing what was said to be "the one million men swearing the oath of death"."

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