Thursday, April 30, 2009

All Sudanese citizens must register by June to vote in upcoming elections

From Sudan Radio Service 29 April 2009 - (Juba):
All Sudanese citizens must register with relevant authorities by June this year to be eligible to vote in the upcoming general elections.

The SPLM deputy secretary-general - southern sector, Dr. Ann Itto, says that people without national identity cards must be identified by local authorities.

[Ann Itto]: “First, you must be a Sudanese citizen; secondly you must be 18 years of age then you must register in June. If you don’t register by June and then you come to your chief to register you will not be eligible because registration is scheduled for June only. July is for the verification of names that were registered in June, whether those registered are still alive, missing or the names were wrongly written, this is done in July only.”

She said that in August the electoral commission will start receiving the names of people contesting various positions, after the registration and verification of names in June and July respectively.

Dr. Itto also urged women to register in large numbers and come out to vote on the voting day.

[Ann Itto]: “My message is come out and cast your vote and decide the destiny of your country because it is your right, if you don’t come out now, those who can will change the Sudan but it may not be in favor of women.”

Dr. Ann Itto was speaking to Sudan Radio Service on the phone from Juba.
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From Sudan Radio Service 29 April 2009 - (Juba):
The deputy chairman of the SPLM and speaker of southern Sudan legislative assembly, James Wani Igga, says that the SPLM will win the general elections scheduled for next year.

Speaking to Sudan Radio Service from Juba, Igga said that SPLM will get votes from the people who have been marginalized by successive governments in Khartoum.

[James Wani]: “Actually, 70 percent of Sudan is marginalized. For example the whole of the south is marginalized, southern Blue Nile is marginalized, southern Kordofan is marginalized, Darfur is marginalized, eastern Sudan is marginalized and far north is also marginalized. So you are left with not more than 25 percent of Sudanese who have been in power since the British left the country.

But not all of them, of course there are a good number of them who are supporting the change SPLM is aspiring to bring in the country. In terms of marginalization, you can say that over 70 percent of Sudan is marginalized and if you can get support from all these then you have won the upcoming elections.”

Igga said that he is confident that SPLM has enough supporters, both in southern Sudan and northern Sudan, to win the 2010 general elections.

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