Friday, April 03, 2009

Khartoum Student Seminar Series blog: The Role of Radio in Peace-Building in Sudan

Khartoum Student Seminar Series blog has been set up by Laura Mann, Alden Young and Paul Fean to provide an opportunity for research students currently on fieldwork in Sudan to come together, share ideas and improve one another’s research and work.

This blog post caught my interest:
7th of April, 2009: Hala Asmina, Ohio University: The Role of Radio in Peace-Building in Sudan

Hala Asmina is a PhD student from Ohio University, currently in Khartoum conducting research about the role of radio in peace-building in Sudan.

Please come along and offer your perspective, comments and suggestions.

For a copy of the paper and directions to the seminar, please contact me at my email and I will send you both!

Note that they also have a Facebook group called “Khartoum Student Seminar Series”. For more information about the group or to be included in their email list, send an email to and introduce yourself.

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