Thursday, April 30, 2009

ICRC Arranges for Return of 14 Child Soldiers from Chad

From Sudan Vision Daily
By Al-Sammani Awadallah (Khartoum) 30 April, 2009:
ICRC declared its intention to return 14 child soldiers from Chad to Sudan.

DDR Northern Sudan Commissioner, Dr. Sulaf Addeen Saleh revealed, after his meeting with the ICRC Chairman in Sudan, that they received a notification from the ICRC to return 14 children from Chad to Sudan, of whom ten were under-aged and 4 child soldiers.

Sulaf Addeen affirmed their keenness to develop its relations with Chad in the child soldiers issue adding that they will continue contacts with Chad to implement our part in the programme.

He expected that the reintegration of the child soldiers in Eastern Sudan will be completed by the end of this year, adding that the programme will last for three or four years to follow up the redeployed elements and assure their integration in the community.

He said that the commission is arranging to redeploy about 2254 from SAF and Popular Forces in Eastern Sudan.

Sulaf Addeen affirmed that the commission is committed to review the DDR appendices in eastern Sudan next week, adding that they will implement their programme in South Kordufan next Monday pointing to the political harmony with SPLM institution to make the programme a success.

Eastern Sudan Representative in the DDR Commission, Nafie Ibrahim Nafie revealed about an agreement between the commission and UNICEF to establish rehabilitation centres for child soldiers in each of Kassala, Port Sudan, and Gedarif targeting more than 300 child soldiers.

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