Thursday, April 16, 2009

BBC video: Microchip aids in kidnap fight - WFP and Italian army's course to avoid sniper and land mines

BBC Technology reporter Jason Palmer goes on training exercises with aid organisation technicians and the Italian army.

Engineers are among the most vulnerable aid workers because they often go to disasters to set up communication systems before rescuers arrive.

They learn to avoid sniper fire, kidnapping and mines on the programme, set up by the World Food Programme, UN Foundation and Vodafone Foundation.

See BBC video report 16 April 2009: Techies learn to dodge bullets. Also, Duncan Kennedy's video report Microchip aids in kidnap fight - excerpt:
A Mexican security firm has developed a microchip that allows satellites to help locate kidnap victims.

Sales of the chip which is implanted under the skin have increased by 13% in the past year, as kidnap rates soar in Mexico.

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