SUDAN WATCH: UNICEF photo exhibition dedicated to children of Darfur

Monday, October 03, 2005

UNICEF photo exhibition dedicated to children of Darfur

Diplomats, photographers, art collectors and others concerned about the world's children gathered 28 September, 2005 at United Nations HQ in New York for the opening of an exhibition of 40 photographs taken in Sudan's West Darfur province by world-renowned photographer Ron Haviv, who travelled to the area with UNICEF.

Please view Ron Haviv's photos from Darfur. Here are a few examples.

Abu Shouk camp Darfur

Daily life in the Abu Shouk camp for internally displaced persons (IDP). More than 70,000 IDP's live at the camp, with new arrivals each week. Photo by Ron Haviv/Courtesy UNICEF

Teachers in Darfur school

Teachers in a school controlled by the Sudanese Liberation Army (SLA). Photo by Ron Haviv/Courtesy UNICEF

In a school in Sudanese Liberation Army territory in North Darfur, some classes have up to 99 students in a building with a damaged roof, and books are scarce. Malnutrition also runs high, with an average 40 children visiting the clinic each day.

The 5,000 internally displaced persons (IDP) at Derainge camp outside the regional capital of Nyala have been there for more than a year. Children up to the age of 13 attend school in two shifts due to a shortage of classrooms and teachers. Sports are an important part of a boy's ability to cope with living in the camp. Young girls, however, are often forced to work, caring for family and gathering firewood and water.


Arab militiamen, known as Janjaweed, said to be responsible for much of the ethnic cleansing and herd raiding in Darfur, check on their cattle. Photo by Ron Haviv/Courtesy UNICEF

[via Tattle Tale - Children - with thanks]

Let's not forget the children in Northern Uganda, the child soldiers and those in DR Congo. God bless them.



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