Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sudan struggles as millions head south

Nobody knows how many will come: the highest estimate is six million, writes BBC Correspondent David Loyn in Malakal, South Sudan on the largest movement of people in recent history:
Riek Machar, a warlord turned politician who is now building the new government of the south, says that when the dry season starts in November, people will come as if in a tidal wave.
African exodus

A huge, so far unreported, migration of displaced people is taking place at the end of the continent's longest-running civil war, writes Guradian UK Correspondent Jonathan Steele in Malakal, South Sudan, Sep 30 2005.

Chaos and hope as hundreds of thousands of Sudanese return to South Sudan.

African exodus

Photo: Returning Sudanese walk through Akuem village in southern Sudan. (David Mwangi/Reuters/Guardian)


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