Sunday, October 09, 2005

Eritrea seeks to up pressure on Ethiopia over border

According to Reuters Oct 9, experts say Asmara's goal is rather to force the issue higher up the agenda of world powers it suspects are either weary of the dispute or biased in favour of favour of Ethiopia.
"We go through this every six months to a year. People get nervous that a new conflict is going to break out," said British author Michela Wrong, who has written extensively about Eritrea.

"The danger is if the border issue is not settled, one of those days it's not going to be a false alarm. The current situation is clearly not tenable," she said.
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Oct 10 Ethiopia's Meles retains prime minister post.

Oct 10 Ethiopian opposition boycott opening of parliament.

Update Oct 13 Ethiopian-Eritrean border may have military buildup - UN: New restrictions on patrols by U.N. peacekeepers make it impossible to guarantee there's no renewed military buildup along the tense border between Ethiopia and Eritrea, a U.N. spokeswoman said Oct 13.

UN report Oct 12: Without explanation, Eritrea maintains restrictions on UN peacekeeper helicopters.


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