Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fast for Darfur this week

On October 6, 2005, millions will fast from a meal or luxury good and donate the money saved to relief efforts in Darfur.

Darfur Fast

In honour of Darfur Fast, Australian blogger at publishes an indepth post on Darfur with notes on Wikepedia and how Australians can help.

Snippets from blogland

Or Does It Explode explains Darfur Fast and says thanks to General Bashir, we celebrate the Darfur Fast today."

Discarded Lies receives feedback on Darfur Fast.

Cheaper than Therapy in Tampa, Florida reminds us to Fast for Darfur this week.

Shawn and Kacie at The Sign Post in Oklahoma, USA will be participating along with many in their home church.

2 Political Junkies points to the Darfur Fast and Rally and where you can donate.

Beyond Robson in Vancouver writes Giving Help, Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving and explains CSFDARFUR is holding a Solidarity Fast for Darfur.

Eric at Sudan: Passion of the Present highlights this post here at Sudan Watch on Darfur Fast - and provides a news round up of events.

Jason at Paradigms Lost is a budding activist who would like others to participate with him and starts with Darfur Fast and the slogan "you have one life - do something."

Gretchen of Moments of Clarity in Illinois, USA says she is simply a girl who doesn't particularly like international politics, but whose heart aches when she thinks about what is happening in Darfur.

Ragman in America says students around the country will take part in a daylong fast today through an event organised by a group called Students Taking Action Now: Darfur (STAND).

For more information check out the Darfur Fast website. The idea is we give up a treat or meal and donate the money saved to relief efforts in Darfur, even if it is a few dollars.

Make a Pledge with your name, email and location and click into these four links to see some of the people participating:

Notable Fasters

Partner Organizations

Participating Organizations

Participating Schools

Note, the Genocide Intervention Fund aims to support African Union troops in Darfur and is open to donations, no matter how small [it's the thought and support that counts]. Maybe one day, GIF's online payment facility will accept donations from outside of North America and Canada. Last time I tried, the form would not compute a UK transaction.


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