Monday, October 10, 2005

New York Times features Genocide Intervention Fund

Don't miss Walking the talk on misery in Darfur, Nicholas Kristof's latest piece for the New York Times on Darfur, highlighting the magnificent work of the Genocide Intervention Fund.
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Eugene at Coalition for Darfur links to Eric Reeves' latest opinion piece entitled "A Final Solution for Darfur".

Update Oct 20: Note to self to beware of propaganda. It is used as a weapon of war to discredit, confuse and undermine. Things are not always what they seem. Link to reputable identifiable sources only or add a rider/disclaimer. Sudan is pretty media savvy and engages the West in an information war. Note this excerpt from Eugene's post on Sudan: Lobbying:
The Government of Sudan has hired Mr Robert J. Cabelly, managing director, C/R International, to lobby on its behalf.

This American company is taking money to wage a lobbying war against the hundreds of organizations and more than 130 million Americans who have voiced their concern about the situation in Sudan. While coalition groups work every day to call the world's attention to the regime in Khartoum and its condoning of the action of a violent militia which is raping and killing innocent women, men and children and pillaging villages in Darfur, they might be surprised to learn that one of the Government of Sudan's contract employees in working against it right here in Washington.

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