SUDAN WATCH: NEC has criticised a report by the Carter Center

Thursday, December 03, 2009

NEC has criticised a report by the Carter Center

From SRS - Sudan Radio Service, December 3, 2009:
(Khartoum) – The National Elections Commission has criticized a report by the Carter Center which indicated that millions of Sudanese citizens may not vote in the coming general elections.

The chairman of the voter registration committee of the NEC, Lieutenant-general Mohammed Ahmed al-Mahdi, said that the report is unfairly critical of the way the registration exercise is being carried out.

[Lieutenant-general Mohammed Ahmed al-Mahdi]: "The Carter Center report is wrong. The report talks of political issues, the law and disagreements between the SPLM and the NCP. This has nothing to do with the National Elections Commission. The main question is: has NEC implemented the registration process efficiently? I would say yes. I am the one in charge of the registration in the Commission and now the statistics are available. Yesterday, we managed to go beyond 12 million voters and this has never happened in the history of Sudanese elections. So it is up to you to make the comparison. In the 1986 elections, we had 5 million voters and now we have over 12 million, not to mention the fact that we still have one week left and a total of 8000 officers in the field.

Mohammed Ahmed al-Mahdi was speaking at a press conference in Khartoum on Wednesday.



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