Thursday, December 17, 2009

SLM's Minnawi calls for more opposition demonstrations to establish a 'better Sudan'

Report from SRS - Sudan Radio Service, 16 December 2009:
Minawi Calls For More Opposition Demonstrations
(Khartoum) – Senior presidential advisor Minni Arko Minawi is calling on political parties to continue staging demonstrations, saying it is the only way to establish a 'better Sudan'.

Minawi, who is also the leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement-Minawi faction, spoke to SRS during a ceremony to celebrate the release of the people who were detained following demonstrations on Monday in Khartoum.

[Minni Minawi]: “If the situation is complicated, people will become more agitated. Why? Because next April people are hoping that the elections will determine the destiny of Sudan. But I say it is time to establish the real Sudan, because as it is, the real Sudan is not well established. If we build Sudan on mistakes, it will continue to have catastrophes but if it is correctly established, it will move forward. If we continue to be scared of the authorities and those in power, our rights will be lost forever. But if people stand together today, men and women, for sure things will change. For that reason I would like to appreciate, praise and thank our brothers who participated in the demonstrations.”

About 50 people were arrested by police on Monday following an attempt to stage a rally in front of the National Assembly to demand pro-democracy reforms to pave the way for 2010 elections.

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