Thursday, December 10, 2009

Government of Southern Sudan has officially launched its website at

From SRS - Sudan Radio Service, Thursday, 10 December 2009:
(Juba) The Government of Southern Sudan has officially launched its website at

Speaking during the launch ceremony, the GOSS Minister of Information, Paul Mayom, outlined the importance of the website:

[Paul Mayom] “This website puts southern Sudan in a strategic position on the globalized economy to engage effectively and productively with the international community for business development, cultural exchange, democratization and resources mobilization for the corporate well-being of our people. The website will also contribute to the preservation of those positive aspects of our cultures and act as a part of the national memory of our struggles, challenges and hopes. Future generation will turn to its pages to get glimpses of the sacrifices made by our fore fathers. It will also rally them around the national duty to defend the treasure of the liberty for this country.”

Mayom added that the website will also allow southern Sudan to tell its story to the world and take services to its people.

The website was designed by a German firm with funding from the World Bank.
After several weeks of technical difficulties, SRS's website is now up and running again thanks to

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