Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Podcast: Sudan Radio Project's interview with Radio Mango

The first podcast link here below leads to an interview with my old blog mate Drima, The Sudanese Thinker (hi Drima!).  The third link leads to Sudan Radio Project's interview with a rep from Radio Mango, Khartoum’s first privately-operated radio station, about the growth of commercial radio in Sudan.

From Sudan Radio Project, Sunday, 6 December 2009:
Creating Conversation
This month on the Sudan Radio Project, “Creating Conversation.” We take a listen to in-depth interviews with three remarkable individuals who have carved out their creative niches in and outside of Sudan.

First, we talk with a Sudanese blogger whose provocative writings have narrated the evolution of his personal politics and faith. Listen here.

Then, we hear from a Sudanese musician living in Dubai, whose R&B hits have attracted listeners from across the Middle East. Listen here.

Finally, we speak with a representative from Khartoum’s first privately-operated radio station about the growth of commercial radio in Sudan. Listen here.

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