Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kala azar (sand fly bites) kills 11 people in Jonglei, S. Sudan

Kala Azar Disease Kills 11 in Jonglei
Report by Sudan Radio Service, 21 December 2009:
(Bor) – Eleven people have died from Kala azar disease while more than 37 others have been admitted to Fangak county dispensary in Jonglei state.

Kala azar is a fatal parasitic disease that affects the internal organs. It is transmitted by sand-fly bites.

Our correspondent in Bor, Sirocco Mayom sent this report.

[Sirocco Mayom]: “At least 37 people were admitted to Fangak clinic as a result of Kala azar. The commissioner of the county told reporters yesterday that the situation is critical in the areas of Akobo, Ayod, Fangak and Pigii. Eleven people have died as a result of the disease. He urged the Government of Southern Sudan and the government of the state to provide more drugs for the disease. He said that the government of southern Sudan was to provide three boxes of drugs but this is not enough for the patients because there are many patients that may still be infected.”

Sirocco Mayom was reporting for SRS from Bor.
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