Friday, December 04, 2009

SPLM and NCP in deadlock over CPA implementation

From SRS - Sudan Radio Service December 4, 2009:
(Khartoum, Sudan) - The SPLM is asking for a mediator to break the deadlock between them and the NCP over the issue of CPA implementation.

The NCP rejected a proposal from the SPLM to involve regional bodies like IGAD, (the Inter-governmental Agency for Development), to help them reach a solution before the 2010 election.

SPLM secretary-general Pagan Amum told SRS on Thursday that time has run out for them to settle the issue of the referendum laws and the democratic transformation laws which have not yet been presented to parliament.

[Pagan Amum]: “There is a deadlock between the two parties. The NCP is blocking the implementation of the CPA, despite its previous commitment. We were supposed to adopt the referendum laws on southern Sudan’ self-determination one-and-half years ago, but, up to today we could not because the NCP is refusing to submit the legislation to the parliament. The NCP is also violating the constitution and the CPA by insisting on the national security laws that gives powers of impunity to the security forces to arrest Sudanese citizens without an arrest warrant from the courts. So the next move is to call on IGAD, the international community and the UN Security Council to intervene to prevent the collapse of the peace agreement and to avoid a return to war.”

However, the NCP has rejected the SPLM’s proposition, saying that the CPA stipulates that it is the duty of both partners to discuss and agree on issues regarding its implementations.

Dr. Rabbie Abdullaatti is an NCP member and the advisor to the Minister of information in the Government of National Unity.

[Dr. Rabbie Abdullaatti]: “I don’t think that there is any need for IGAD or any regional organization to be involved in the implementation of the CPA since we know that only a few issues are under discussion between the two parties. A joint committee has been formed by the SPLM and the NCP to resolve and find a compromise regarding the referendum act and the national security laws. So our suggestion is that the SPLM should stop boycotting the parliamentary sessions. They should come forward and give their views in the assembly. This statement by the secretary-general of the SPLM is just a political message to the African Union and IGAD.”

The SPLM and other opposition parties are boycotting parliamentary sessions and they threaten to boycott the elections if the NCP doesn’t reform laws that they say impede democratic transformation in Sudan.

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