SUDAN WATCH: New Governor of Upper Nile arrived in Malakal Thursday

Friday, December 04, 2009

New Governor of Upper Nile arrived in Malakal Thursday

From SRS - Sudan Radio Service December 4, 2009:
(Malakal, S. Sudan) - The newly-appointed Governor of Upper Nile state, Dr. William Othwonh, arrived in Malakal on Thursday.

Othwonh said upon his arrival in Malakal airport that he was coming to fulfill the aspiration of the people of Upper Nile state.

[William Othwonh]: “Really, I am unable to express myself dear brothers, citizens and colleagues because I am so excited. But I ask the almighty God to give me grace to be honest and serve people honestly with justice and equality. Each one should have his freedom so that he feels he is a citizen of the state and should be secure walking in the streets, sleeping in his home, without fear of insecurity. I urge all brothers and sisters, irrespective of positions whether executive, public or political, to work together for the sake of citizens of this state”.

Dr. William Othwonh was appointed by the National Congress Party to replace Lieutenant-general Gatluak Deng Garang.

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