SUDAN WATCH: South Sudan: NCP confident of winning general elections in Unity State

Thursday, December 03, 2009

South Sudan: NCP confident of winning general elections in Unity State

From SRS - Sudan Radio Service, December 3, 2009:
(Bentiu) – The National Congress Party says they are confident of winning the general elections in Unity State.

The NCP secretary-general in Unity state, Dr. Bill Charoa, arrived in Bentiu on Thursday with five other NCP ministers, to mobilize people to register and vote for NCP candidates next year.

[Dr. Bill Charoa]: “The NCP is devising a strategy to win the elections in the state. That is our goal, and with our popularity here we are going to win the coming election in Unity state. That is our target because we know the needs of the citizens. The citizens have the right to determine who will be elected or who will not. We have done very good things in the state, especially under the coalition government. The Minister of Roads and the Minister of Communication are both NCP members and people see the commitment we have to development in the state.”

The NCP team, led by Husama Abdullah, the Minister for Hydrological Resources in the Government of National Unity, is visiting all of the states in southern Sudan.

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