SUDAN WATCH: SPLM delegation visits Cairo to discuss CPA

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SPLM delegation visits Cairo to discuss CPA

SPLM Delegation Spends Weekend In Cairo To Discuss CPA
Report from SRS - Sudan Radio Service, 22 December 2009:
(Cairo) – The SPLM and the Egyptian government discussed the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and other issues in Cairo on Saturday.

The SPLM delegation, headed by GONU Minister of Foreign Affairs Deng Alor, was invited to Cairo by the Egyptian government.

The SPLM secretary-general, Pagan Amum, spoke to SRS on Saturday after the meeting.

[Pagan Amum]: “It was an invitation from the Egyptian government. We met with the Minister Omar Suleiman and other government officials. We discussed the Sudanese crisis and Egypt’s role, and we tried to come up with some solutions. We discussed CPA implementation, peace-building in Sudan, and peace in Darfur. We also spoke about the democratic transformation issue and how to guarantee that the coming general elections will be free and fair and what Egypt could do as far as ending the disagreement between the NCP and SPLM is concerned. All these issues have been discussed.”

Amum also said that the Egyptian government will soon invite the NCP and a delegation from Egypt will also visit Sudan.

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