SUDAN WATCH: JEM has not agreed to 60-day Darfur truce

Saturday, January 13, 2007

JEM has not agreed to 60-day Darfur truce

You'd think journalists would check their facts before printing stories, ie phone JEM to ask if they've agreed a 60 day ceasefire before publishing reports based on a press release. Thanks to an anonymous reader for sharing link to JEM statement 12/1/07 Darfur rebel JEM denies 60-day truce with Sudanese government, via ST. Here is no surprise, excerpt from the statement:
The Meeting has never discussed the Movements entering into a 60-day truce at all. However, Mr. Richardson informed us that he had convinced President Albasheer to accept such a ceasefire. For our part, we restricted our commitment to N'djamena Protocol and have never debated the 60-day agreement.
The above JEM is a breakaway faction of Ibrahim's JEM that joined Darfur's NRF rebel group.
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Excerpt from commentary at World War 4 Report - Darfur: JEM denies ceasefire:
Big news is that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has brokered a ceasefire in Darfur. The small news is that no, he really didn't. And maybe, contrary to media portrayals, the JEM is correct not to take the bait, given that previous "ceasefires" have only co-opted Darfur's guerilla resistance into instruments of the Sudan regime's ethnic cleansing.


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