Wednesday, January 31, 2007

SPLM, NRF to hold Darfur common ground meeting in Yei, S Sudan with Kiir

Spit. How is it that Sudanese "rebels" can operate out of England? Sudan Tribune article 30 Jan 2007 - excerpt:SPLM, NRF to hold Darfur common ground meeting in S. Sudan:
In a meeting held in London between the SPLM Acting Deputy Secretary General, Yasir Arman, and the NRF spokesperson, Ahmed Hussein Adam, it was agreed to accelerate preparations for the hold of a meeting in Southern Sudan Yei town with the participation of the SPLM chairman Salva Kiir Mayadrit in the near future.
I say, educated Sudanese people living outside of Sudan should return to their homeland and share their education and skills. What other hope is there for Sudan's children and its environment? Peace is in the hands of the Sudanese only. Foreigners can't force peace on them. But heads can be knocked together to see sense. Where are the powerful Sudanese/African/Arab women in all of this? What say the mothers, wives, sisters, friends of the Janjaweed? Since Sudan belongs to both the African Union and Arab League, I wonder if Sudanese women see Sudan as an African or Arab country.