Sunday, January 14, 2007

Darfur: A tragedy without end (Eric Reeves)

Excerpt from a comment by khartoumi published at Guardian's Comment is free/Eric Reeves' A tragedy without end:
(2) Sudan Tribune is an exile oppositionist on-line journal (based in Paris), who as such have no qualms about reporting materials unfavourable to the regime in Khartoum.

(5) It will certainly come as a surprise to the Libyan and Egyptian peoples that because they happen to speak Arabic, that a careful expert on affairs Arab and African happens to believe that they are, after all, Arabs.

(8) My wife happens to come from the West of Sudan, with relatives in Darfur itself.

(9) I am resident in Sudan. Neither Eric, nor you, as far as I am aware is so well placed to comment on affairs Sudanese.
Also, excerpt from comment by @MsWoman and @Helen01
As PapaKarl points out, Eric Reeves is a very questionable source. For instance, I find his gaff about the political composition of the Sudanese government very revealing. If anyone should know that the at-Turabi Islamic Front are *not* the government of Sudan, it is Professor Reeves. If he does not, then he is to be discounted. If he does, then he is being maliciously deceptive.

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