Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lakes States governor details plan to quell insecurity

Via Sudan Tribune - speech of Lakes State Governor on the Cultural Awareness Week under the auspices of ministry of Information and Culture Lakes State - excerpt:
"...with the introduction of my security measures and tours all over the state from mid September through November, there is relative peace and tranquillity realized now.

Since October there are no cases of sectional or tribal fights and cold blood killings reported.

People are now moving freely in greater Yirol and other parts of the State without fear and hostilities.

My strategies and efforts of quell the insecurity in the State is through well studied systematic approach in four stages.

These stages are as follows:

1- Law and Order: in this stage we are imposing disarmament and arresting culprits to face charges and investigations.

2- Application of Justice: in this stage the criminals and all accused persons must face justice in fair trials in the courts of law.

3- Public Reconciliations: in this stage the state Government will involve churches, leaders of the communities and all stakeholders in process of healing and harmony.

4- Sustainability of Peace through Development: in this stage we will encourage both public and private sectors in the development of our state; which will in turn provide the employment to our people and hence keep them out of the troubles.


In the area of water and pasture which attract serious competition and conflicts among our communities during the dry season, we have a pledge from government of South Sudan (GOSS) to excavate and deepen some of our rivers and Lakes. The work will start very soon with their two rivers; Bahr-Naam and Bahr-Gel. It is also in our agenda to create water reservoirs (Haffir) and more hand pumps to provide water for both human and animals.

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