Sunday, January 14, 2007

UN Pronk says harrassment of UNMIS has intensified

From Jan Pronk Weblog January 14, 2007:
In November and December the position of the Government of Sudan has become stronger. The Security Council has failed to address violations of earlier agreements concerning peace in Darfur. On the contrary, the Government has been accommodated in order to get some concessions. These will not result in a change of the situation on the ground. [edit]

Harassment of the UN Mission in Sudan has intensified during the last two months. Sudanese authorities can easily resort to such harassment, because they have not been challenged by UN Headquarters in New York, nor by the Security Council or by Governments of Member States. Some weeks ago one of our officials went to see the authorities in Darfur in order to raise a number of violations of human rights. The answer was exemplary for the self-confidence of those who have chosen to disregard any form of criticism: "You better shut up. We can always expel you, as we have proven".
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I can only see Pronks weblog entry from Dec. 27. when I follow this link.