Wednesday, January 31, 2007

China wants to persuade Sudan not to reject the UN resolution

Jan 31 2007 Times report by Jonathan Clayton in Johannesburg (China aims to bring peace through deals with dictators and warlords) excerpt:
Chinese officials say that [Chinese President] Mr Hu would be looking to help to broker lasting peace in Darfur. "I believe this visit will not only boost bilateral ties, but also peace and stability in the region," said Zhai Jun, the Assistant Foreign Minister, on the eve of the Africa mission. Mr Zhai said that criticism of China's relationship with Africa was unfounded. He said that Beijing was trying to help Africa to build infrastructure and alleviate poverty.

Shi Yinhong, of the International Relations department of the People's University in Beijing, said: "Hu Jintao wants to persuade Sudan not to reject the UN resolution. This will bring moral and diplomatic pressure on Sudan and also help China's ties with the US, the EU and greater Africa."

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