Monday, January 01, 2007

World Day of Peace marked in Dublin

Today is World Day of Peace - the Irish Examiner reported:
The theme for the 40th celebration of the World Day of Peace is The Human Person, the Heart of Peace.

"We in Ireland share fully this ideal and this focus," he [PM Bertie Ahern] said. "In our Constitution, we as a nation affirm our devotion to the ideal of peace and friendly cooperation between nations founded on international justice and morality.

"We recognise that the dignity and freedom of our people are preserved by our Constitution's protection of their fundamental rights."

Mr Ahern said that through more than 25 years of recent conflict on the island of Ireland, we have remained focused on pursuing its peaceful resolution.

"We believed that the problem of Northern Ireland could only be resolved through consent, the pursuit of equality and human rights, the rule of law, and dialogue involving all the parties to the conflict," he continued.

"Our experience on this island has shown that a just and lasting peace is built over time, sometimes slowly, but always with patience and determination.

"In Northern Ireland I am hopeful that this work of construction is nearing completion.

"Its capstone is support on the one hand for power-sharing and on the other hand for policing and the rule of law.

"Once these elements are in place, as I hope they will be very soon, we will see the real benefits that devolved Government can bring to all in the community."

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