Sunday, January 14, 2007

200 die in Darfur during week of intertribal battles

Jan 13 2007 AP report (via WP) by Mohamed Osman, tells us:
More than 200 people have died in clashes between ethnic African farmers and nomadic Arabs in South Darfur in the past week, leading the Sudanese government to send emissaries to try to reconcile the tribes involved, officials said Saturday.
Is this true? That the clashes are between Africans and Arabs? I'm still not understanding. In my eyes, they are all Sudanese, fighting their own people.

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Anonymous said...

the africans being the farmers, the arabs being the camel herders, originally, the Arabs are also represented by the oooGov't, so there is suport for them to take over the land and continue this genocide....
How many tears will it take till we know that too many people have died?