SUDAN WATCH: France supports Deby - Chad says rebel attack on capital N'Djamena defeated

Thursday, April 13, 2006

France supports Deby - Chad says rebel attack on capital N'Djamena defeated

Chadian President Idriss Deby's forces fought off the most daring strike yet by rebels against the capital N'Djamena on Thursday, as international concern grew over the escalating conflict. Reuters says Deby earlier told French radio he was in the presidential palace and the situation in the city was under control.

"France has lent its political support to President Deby and his government ... the rebels have to be given a warning," a source close to French President Jacques Chirac said, adding Chirac had called Deby several times in recent days.

Full report by Betel Miarom Reuters 13 Apr 2006.

Chad claims rebels repulsed, blames Sudan for fomenting 'coup'

FUC rep in France Laona Gong

Photo: Chadian rebels' FUC representative in France and former Chadian foreign minister Laona Gong poses during an interview in Paris. Gong has alleged that French fighter planes, part of a 1,200-man contingent in the former French colony, had bombed rebel-held towns in eastern Chad, causing civilian casualties. (AFP/Jacques Demarthon) 13 AFP Chad claims rebels repulsed, blames Sudan for fomenting 'coup'

Apr 13 2006 AP Troops in Chad put down rebel assault - Government troops using tanks and attack helicopters repelled a rebel assault on Chad's capital Thursday. An Associated Press reporter saw 10 bodies in the streets, and residents reported seeing many more.

Tense calm in Chadian capital after rebel coup attempt

Taxis were back on the streets Thursday as a tense calm returned to the Chadian capital of Ndjamena after a daring rebel coup attempt failed just three weeks ahead of planned presidential elections, local news reports said.

'The rebel columns have been entirely destroyed and there is now only some light weapon fire near the National Assembly, but the situation is now completely under control,' President Idriss Deby told French radio Radio France Internationale (RFI).

The French radio also reported one rebel was killed while some 50 people, mostly civilians, were injured during the attack. Full report M&C 13 Apr 2006.


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