Saturday, April 29, 2006

SLM stalls Darfur Peace Agreement

Here's no surprise. Darfur rebel group SLM said yesterday it needed more time to consider the Draft Peace Agreement and asked for a deadline extension from Nigerian President Obasanjo, who they say pressured the warring sides to sign the proposed deal, Ireland Online reported today - excerpt:
"We requested of the president that by April 30 it is not possible for us to conclude on our position. I will not be able to say how long because it is a technical issue," said Waheed Al-Nur, one of the group's leaders. Obasanjo wasn't available for comment.

The other rebel group, JEM, said it had only received a copy of the deal written in English - a language it said 70% of its delegates can't read - and that it was waiting for the document in Arabic.

Obasanjo personally met with the heads of each delegation and rebels said he leaned on the groups to sign the deal.

"We met President Obasanjo. He was urging the parties to put initials on the documents," said Ahmed Tugod, a leader of the smaller and newer JEM faction.
Apr 29 2006 (WP/Reuters) Rebels Say Draft Peace Accord on Darfur Is Not Yet Acceptable - "The deadline of April 30 is impossible because we need time. ... Our rights must be in the document or else we will not accept it," said Abdel Wahed Mohammed al-Nur, who heads a faction in the Sudan Liberation Army.

April 29 2006 (Reuters) Darfur rebels undecided on peace deal - "We want to have consensus within the movement before giving our final position," said Abduljabbar Dosa, chief negotiator of the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) rebel group. Field commanders from Darfur have joined the negotiating teams in Abuja as the rebels seek to unite their positions. They have yet to officially respond to the AU, but several leaders have said they are dissatisfied with the draft.

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