Friday, April 28, 2006

Self serving SLM/A don't care for their people or peace

IRIN report just in, tells us:
Abdulwaheed Al-Nur, leader of the Sudanese Liberation Movement, said after a meeting with Nigerian president and AU mediator Olusegun Obasanjo on Friday that the key demands of his rebel group are not contained in the deal tabled by the AU, and that it is "almost impossible" that his group will sign it.

Al-Nur said the failure to allocate the Vice President slot to a Darfurian is one of the biggest sticking points for his group. The deal proposed by the AU includes an extensive section on power sharing, but the highest position allocated to a Darfurian is "senior presidential adviser", the fourth highest position in government.
What a cheek. They are not even fit to govern! After two years of following almost every news report on these guys, it's becoming impossible to see why they think they are better than the regime they're trying to remove by force. They make me sick. Bah. Puke. Crawl back into the hole where you came from, you greedy fat flea brained gorilla faced self serving moronic lowlifes.

Take a look at an example of their "presidential decrees" and obsession with power while 400,000 of their people perished and 2 million became homeless:

Apr 13 2006 Sudan Liberation Movement/Army The office of the Chairman Presidential Decree No. (6) For the Year 2006 Darfur SLM/A leader appoints 2nd Vice-President, Advisors

Apr 20 2006 Sudan Liberation Movement/Army The office Presidential Decree No. (8) For the Year 2006 Darfur SLM/A leader appoints Executive, Regional Secretaries


Photo: Teenage Sudan Liberation Army fighters (Alarab)

12 killed, 2 injured in rebel clashes in Darfur

According to a report at Alarab today, up to 12 died and 2 were injured in clashes among Darfur rebels in the area of Tawela in northern Darfur.

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