Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Darfuris flee bombing of Joghana village by Sudan gov't aircraft and attacks by Janjaweed fighting SLA

Last night's news on BBC1 TV here in England showed a short news report on Darfur. The reporter (a woman, I didn't catch her name) featured in the film talked of the Sudanese government and Janjaweed attacking, bombing and burning a village called Joghana. The fight was between Sudanese government forces and militiamen against Darfur rebel group SLA. Something to do with fighting for position. (See other report here below). The film showed civilians - men, women and children, walking in the dust or sitting on donkeys. Some were interviewed. African Union soldiers were shown at the roadside beside a water truck, giving drinking water to those fleeing. The film showed a government bomber plane in sky. The reporter said the attack happened yesterday morning, 7am but did not state actual date. I've not found any reports on this story, apart from the following excerpt from a BBC news report today, 25 April, 2006:
In Darfur itself, a BBC correspondent has found evidence of continuing attacks on civilians by militias.

The BBC's Orla Guerin in Darfur met streams of civilians, who said they were fleeing their remote village of Jogana [Joghana].

They said they had been attacked by government aircraft and militiamen, who were fighting rebel forces in the area.

Our correspondent said she could the sound of bombing from 40km away.

African Union peacekeepers met the civilians and gave them water but did not intervene in the fighting.


Photo: The civilians described attacks by government aircraft and militiamen (BBC)

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