Saturday, April 15, 2006

SLM/JEM want power, position and wealth not ceasefires

Darfur rebel groups SLM and JEM Press Release Apr 14, 2006 claims Sudanese Vice President Taha, in the latest peace talks, stated the same views and positions already presented by the Sudanese Government - that there would be no Vice-President, no Region and no compensations and this was the final position.

SLM/JEM hold the view that the Vice-President's visit at the peace talks brought nothing new and call upon the AU, the Mediators, and the international and regional partners to intervene.

[Note, no mention of the enhanced ceasefire agreement - only power, position and wealth. Shame on them. They seem no different from the regime they're trying to weaken through violence. What makes any of them fit to govern?]

UPDATE: SLM Press Release Apr 15, 2006 re meeting between Abdulwahid Elnur, Chairman of the SLM/A, and Sudanese Vice-President Taha, at the Nicon Hilton, Abuja, Apr 14, 2006 - "Sudan's Taha, SLM’s Nur committed to achieve peace in Darfur"
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AU envoy, Sudanese VP Taha hold talks for second time

AU special envoy and chief Mediator, Salim Ahmed Salim met Sudanese Vice-President Taha at the Darfur peace talks April 14 and discussed a broad range of outstanding issues relating to power and wealth sharing as well as security arrangements, SudanTribune reports April 15, 2006:
Both sides agreed on the need to proceed with deliberate speed. Salim described his discussions with Taha as "very constructive", adding that the presence of the Vice-President in Abuja has been very helpful in terms of building confidence and creating renewed momentum for the Talks.
Darfur peace talks

Photo: Sudan's Taha and AU's Salim at the Darfur peace talks (ST)

Salim said that the talks are moving in the right direction and that the AU Mediation is operating strictly within the mandate given by the AU Peace and Security Council.

"We have spent almost five months continuously in the current Round of the Talks. Now is the time to take decisions. Our hope is to conclude by the end of this month", Salim asserted.

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