Tuesday, April 25, 2006

UN votes yes to sanctions on 4 Sudanese for Darfur war

Just in from Reuters via Scotsman: the UN Security Council voted today to impose sanctions on four Sudanese accused of abuses in the Darfur conflict - excerpt of report by Evelyn Leopold:
The vote on a US-drafted resolution was 12 to 0 with three abstentions -- Russia, China and Qatar, the only Arab member of the 15-nation council.

The sanctions, a travel ban and a freeze on assets abroad, were the first adopted against individuals involved in the Darfur war. The measures were first authorised by the Security Council in March 2005 against those who thwart peace efforts, violate human rights or conduct military flights over Darfur.

The four men, whittled down from a longer British list, include one Sudanese air force commander, one pro-government militia member, and two rebel leaders.
Note, sponsoring the resolution were the United States, Britain, Argentina, Denmark, France, Japan, Peru and Slovakia. See Apr 25 2006 UN draft resolution names four men who would face sanctions.

Apr 25 2006 UN News Centre - Security Council imposes travel, financial sanctions on 4 Sudanese, adopting Resolution 1672 (2006) BY 12-0-3

Apr 25 2006 CNN - Diplomats said they dropped their objections after African nations expressed support for the sanctions.

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