Sunday, April 23, 2006

FUC, RaFD, SCUD - Chadian rebels had good contacts in W Darfur

The situation in Chad, Sudan's neighbour, is getting out of control, writes Jan Pronk, UN Secretary-General's Special Represenative in the Sudan, in his blog entry April 18, 2006. Excerpt:
There are various rebel movements with different interests, different tribal affiliations and with regional backgrounds.

One of them is the Front Uni pour le Changement et la Democratie (FUC), led by Mahamat Nour Abdelkrim, a Tama.

Another one is the Rassemblement des Forces Democratiques (RaFD), getting its support in particular from the Zaghawa.

A third is the Socle pour le Changement et l'Unite Democratique (SCUD), which started in Eastern Chad. It received the support from quite a few defectors from the Deby regime and got a base in Darfur as well. The various movements are not yet united and compete with each other. But together they form a serious challenge to the present regime.
Note, Mr Pronk explains Chadian rebels had good contacts in West Darfur - in both Darfur as well as in Chad, the root causes are domestic, rebel movements in Chad exist since many years.

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