Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sudan: Bolton blames British for "erroneous" leak

Washington Post piece by Edith Lederer Blog: Behind the Scenes at the UN says leaks are part of daily life at the UN, but it's rare that one country accuses another publicly of deliberately leaking what it considers to be misinformation -
"And it's even rarer when the two countries are considered close allies, like the United States and Britain.

But US Ambassador John Bolton was obviously upset at published reports last week by several British journalists saying the United States was opposed to including the name of any Sudanese government official on a Security Council list of people who should be subject to UN sanctions for blocking peace and violating human rights in Darfur.

The reports, quoting unidentified diplomats, said Britain and other nations recommended a list of eight names, including government officials, but the U.S. wanted only a middle-ranking militiaman and one rebel.

Bolton said this wasn't true - and blamed the British for an erroneous leak."
[Bolton upset? Poor little flower]

See Apr 13 2006 UK, US call for sanctions against 4 Sudanese over Darfur.


Anastasia Konstantakatou said...

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Ingrid J. Jones said...

How kind of you, thank you Anastasia. Regards from England, UK.