SUDAN WATCH: FUC in eastern Chad mount fresh offensive to get to N'Djamena and oust Chadian President Deby

Monday, April 10, 2006

FUC in eastern Chad mount fresh offensive to get to N'Djamena and oust Chadian President Deby

Apr 10, 2006 AFP report says rebels from the United Front for Change (FUC) Monday mounted a fresh attack in eastern Chad. Excerpt:

The rebels seized the village of Koukou, 50 kilometres (31 miles) southeast of the town of Goz Beida, where they also took a refugee camp, home to 17,000 Sudanese who fled the civil war in Darfur, said a source close to the UNHCR. Armed men took control of the UNHCR's offices in the camp, taking nine staff hostage and killing a Chad policeman, the same source said.

A spokesman for the FUC confirmed to AFP that the rebels had taken Koukou, but denied that they had invaded the refugee camp. "We attacked Koukou around 1500 GMT, and took the village without encountering any resistance," said Abdoulaye Abdelkerim. "We did not enter the refugee camp... it wouldn't make any sense for us to do that," he added. "Our goal is to get to N'Djamena and oust (President Idriss) Deby."

FUC rebels in Chad

Apr 2 2006 Mohamat Nour's Chadian rebel United Front for Change (FUC) aims to depose Chadian president Deby

Chadian rebel group FUC leader Mohamat Nour

Photo: Chadian rebel group FUC leader Mohamat Nour. See Feb 12 2006 Reuters exclusive interview: Mahamat Nour the Chad rebel leader demands change, by force if needed

Apr 10 2006 BBC Chad rebels attack military base - "This is only the beginning - our morale is very high," Abdel Rahman Abdel Karim, one of the rebel FUCD leaders, told Reuters news agency by phone after the attack on the Haraze Mangueigne garrison.

Apr 10 2006 Sapa-dpa Rebel attacks in Chad ahead of polls - Ndjamena renewed its accusation against neighbouring Sudan of supporting the rebels, who are stepping up attacks in a bid to topple embattled president Idriss Deby's 15-year hold on power.

Apr 4 2006 SLM claims Sudanese troops and Janjaweed now massed in Geneina, W Darfur to bring down Chad's President Deby

Mar 31 2006 Mercenaries from Sudan attacked Chadian town of Modeina - dozens killed, 4,000 civilians displaced


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