SUDAN WATCH: Nick and George Clooney urge Darfur aid

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nick and George Clooney urge Darfur aid

Journalist Nick Clooney says he hopes a recent trip to Sudan and Chad with his son, Hollywood movie star George Clooney, will help boost humanitarian aid for two million refugees.

They both plan to attend a rally organised by the Save Darfur Coalition next Sunday in Washington. - UPI April 24 2006.

See Apr 27 2006 - Sudanese Embassy says the 'Stop Genocide' rallies April 30 tells Darfur rebels: "Don't Make Peace. The US supports you" - Hollywood actor George Clooney will speak at the Save Darfur Rally to Stop Genocide in Washington, D.C. A video of his recent trip to southern Sudan and eastern Chad is available at:

UPDATE: Apr 28 2006 The Cincinnati Post: 'You must help us,' victims cry by Nick Clooney - you can write to him at The Cincinnati Post, 125 E. Court St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. [via PoTP with thanks]


Anonymous jules said...

thanks Nick and George Clooney for doing what us african cannot do. After years of slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism, africans still haven't understood anything. Killing our own brothers, sisters, mons, dads and kids; raping our own women. stealing and spending our money outsite of our continent. what is wrong with us? Nick and George Clooney thanks again. what us can I say. I'm writing this with tears after seing you guys on cnn.

Saturday, April 29, 2006  

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